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April 2023

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Joan Sinclair
Londonderry, NH

My name is Joan, and these are some of the things I would like you to know about me:

I love to bake. Baking gives me a sense of accomplishment and allows me to be independent (with some help). I love watching people enjoy the food that I make.

I enjoy shopping. Besides picking out the things that I like, I get to spend time with Rene, who I have lived with for decades. Plus, all the walking counts as exercise, right?

I very much like to go on long drives, which is good because I live far away from the stores. If I'm not going shopping, I know that at the end of the ride there will be people I want to see or a yummy meal out!

A Cup of Coffee

Kevin Gardella, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

Greg enjoyed the winter with his friends and family, one coffee at a time.On most days, Greg ventures out on trips around the area to grab a cup of joe. Along the way he often stops to enjoy the sunset near the marshes.His home is very close to the marshes.

Greg and his friends are looking forward to more outside time as the days get longer and warmer. Greg is ready to enjoy lunches in the parks with fried chicken at Fort Williams and other adventures. There are so many wonderful things to do in the state of Maine.

This summer, we are planning on spending some time with the horses at Riding To The Top. Greg loves horses and animals, and it is a wonderful program offering opportunities to ride or just enjoy the company of these beautiful creatures.

We are also planning a trip to a place with a view and a bubble bath.After Maine’s winter and ongoing COVID restrictions, Greg can't wait to have a spectacular time with a coffee, magazine, and a commanding view of a New England sunset.

The smallest pleasures are important to Greg; the company of his friends, a warm cup of coffee, and a nice soft couch in a warm home are what truly brings him comfort. Greg is a wonderful example to all of us, he takes delight in every moment and his needs are simple and his wants are few.

Puppy Love

Alicia Lanthier, Fiscal Intermediary Coordinator
Plattsburg, NY

As the years go by, Jordyn is growing up and changing. He overcomes and faces new struggles as they come and recently the idea of a service dog came about. Jordyn’s mom researched service dogs and the training they need to assist a person with disabilities, as well as the positive aspects it could give to Jordyn.

Jordyn loves to cuddle as it soothes him and helps with his stress and anxiety. A service dog is just what Jordyn needs to help him learn responsibility, and in return be loved and have the best companion a boy could have. Jordyn was given his very own dog by a friend, as the dog was going to be abandoned. His new dog’s name is Buddy – Jordyn picked out the name himself. He now has a great companion and loves his dog. He spends a lot of time with him, taking care of him, walking him, playing with him, and bathing him, as well as ensuring he is fed. Jordyn and Buddy are inseparable and the love between the two of them continues to grow. Jordyn is very proud of his pup and loves to spend time with him. He is rewarded with lots of kisses and cuddles all of the time and it has made such a positive impact on Jordyn’s life! It’s given Jordyn a caregiver sense and a feeling of being needed as he has taken on the responsibility of learning to care for another.

John's St. Patricks Day Celebration

Maggie Kelleher, Home Provider
Keene, NH

John was ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s as soon as he opened his eyes that morning. His home provider found him some great gear to wear. He was so excited to share his fancy outfit with his friends. John enjoyed a boiled dinner and went on a shamrock scavenging hunt. He received some cool prizes at the end of the hunt. John's favorite part of his day was getting the leprechaun bait he helped his home provider make. 

John really was the life of the party! We had to ask… What is leprechaun bait? It is all this good stuff with white chocolate over it.

Winter Wonderland

Sarah Heath, Program Manager
Keene, NH
When a storm hit the Monadnock Region on March 14th, just days before the first day of spring, Donald, along with more than half the region, were snowed in. With the snow falling heavily and collecting on the trees, Donald found himself without power. Trees and wires blocked the dirt road in Marlborough making it impassable, even with 4-wheel drive. But John, a Direct Support Professional (DSP), went above and beyond to ensure Donald’s safety. He called Donald frequently to check in and made it to the house later that evening, after walking in 2 feet of snow, to get the generator going. A total of 37 inches of heavy snow fell! Donald was without power for about 48 hours but kept warm thanks to a very dedicated DSP. Thank you, John!

Good Weather, Finally!

Troy Levigne
Londonderry, NH

I’m so happy that the weather is improving. Goodbye snow! Hello spring! I’m at my best when I can enjoy being outdoors. I can often be found taking very long walks through the streets of Dover, shopping, and doing errands.

These pictures are from Rye Beach – I went with my roommates. I love the smells of the air, the water, and watching the birds.

Although I like the spring, I love the summer. I’ve lived in the seacoast area of NH for a long time and I hope that I will be able to visit Hawaii.

Meet Monica

Josh Grant, Self-Directed Service Coordinator
Westbrook, ME

Today we are highlighting a wonderful woman in our community, Monica Wood. Monica is one of the most caring, honest, and fun individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her upbeat spirit and amazing personality always put a smile on my face. There are many things I could share about Monica including her passion for bowling and her love of taking trips. Monica has been a part of the Residential Resources community for many years, and we are so glad and fortunate to have her as a part of our community.

One of Monica’s many hobbies is bowling. Monica has been competing in a bowling league at Spare Time in Portland for a few years now. She just finished up her winter/spring season, awards for the season will be given in the coming months. Monica will also be participating in the upcoming summer league and we know she will do great!

Monica is currently in the process of planning an independent and personal trip to Oregon to visit her mom in November. She hasn’t seen her mom for many years now and is currently working on a plan to fly out and see her. Monica likes to go shopping with her mom as well as finding nice quiet places to just sit, chit chat and relax while enjoying each other’s company. They are also really looking forward to doing some cooking together!

Monica can brighten anyone's day with her lovely personality and upbeat spirit. I am beyond happy to be a part of the same Residential Resources family as her.
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