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May 2023

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Sonya Gives Back!

Andrea Tarr, DSP
Keene, NH

Each month Sonya spends time giving back to others. For April, she decided to make cookies that looked like Easter eggs and give them to her family and friends. Sonya is a great crafter and has an eye for detail and color. She loves making gifts and really loves giving gifts and seeing people happy!! She makes cards, pictures, and wall art as well.

Autism Awareness Month

Laurie King, Admin Assistant
Plattsburgh, NY

Every May the Autism Alliance of Northeastern New York holds an event at our local fairgrounds. Many people gather to raise funds and provide knowledge of this disability that affects many individuals and families in our community. During COVID, Autism Alliance kept this event going virtually. As we all know, when COVID hit everything came to a halt. All gatherings were no more. Thankfully, I think that is becoming a thing of the past because with great pleasure and support the Autism Alliance of Northeastern of New York was once again able to hold this event live!

On this day the Autism Alliance, with the help of their sponsors/supporters, provides music, bouncy houses, children’s activities, food trucks, a resource fair, and more. They also hold a walk that helps raise money for this organization to help enhance the lives of individuals with autism and their families in our community.

Many organizations come to set up tables and provide different items that are given out along with activities for all persons to enjoy. Residential Resources of NY always participates in this event with much enthusiasm. We are thankful that the weather was perfect and the event was a success!

Try New Things!

Chris Dawson
Londonderry, NH

I have been trying new things at home and at play. Over the winter, with help from my roommates, I remodeled my bathroom! We spruced up the place with new paint, fixtures, and all of the things that make a room fresh.

Also with recent good weather, I went out and tried golfing at the driving range. I had never golfed before. We went to Ponemah Green at the Amherst Golf Course. I like trying new things.

My next project will be working on a 'redo' of my bedroom. The lumber has been purchased and is ready to go!


Holli Brown, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

Robin Flaherty has generously shared her humor and jokes with Residential Resources for more than 20 years. During that time, Robin has had opportunities to explore many interests and hobbies. She currently keeps busy doing scrapbooking and going outside for walks in the sunshine. In Robin’s neighborhood there are lots of dogs that she enjoys playing with and watching run around during her walks. After the cold winter, Robin is excited to be able to get outside more often to see the sun peeking through the clouds and feel the warmth on her face. She looks forward to seeing what flowers are blooming during her walks, smelling the fresh air, and hearing the birds sing songs to her. Robin and her roommate have fun spending time together playing card games, completing puzzles, and playing bingo. Robin is also eagerly anticipating attending Special Olympics with our Residential Resources team and bringing home those ribbons and medals. Robin is “Pumped!” about all the fun she has planned with her friends this summer.

Becky and the Butterflies

Vikki White, Program Manager
Keene, NH

Rebecca, who likes to be called Becky, is new to Residential Resources and very happy to be part of the Residential Resources family.

Becky always greets you with a big smile and a little story. She loves to dress up to go out and can definitely pull off any kind of hat. She is warm, kind, and likes to take charge of her life! She is fun to spend time with because she has an amazing personality that is lighthearted and fun.

Becky recently visited Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory in Massachusetts and the butterflies surrounded her. There were also koi fish to watch swimming around throughout the enclosure. Becky was amazed and full of smiles during her visit. Do you see the butterfly that made Becky’s arm their home for a while?

In the Spotlight

Chelsea Tremblay, Fiscal Intermediary Coordinator
Plattsburgh, NY

On April 14th, 2023, Quentin Neil was ecstatic to learn the Press-Republican newspaper wanted to release an article that had him in the spotlight. After reading the article myself I thought we need to spread this as far as we can! Quentin and his mother agreed, this is wonderful information to share and hope it helps encourage others.

Quentin is a young man who has been very dedicated to his health and wellbeing. In 2021, Quentin signed up to begin training sessions at a local gym. Before Quentin started going to the gym he was a very quiet young man who spoke few words and tended to keep to himself. Completing tasks could be difficult at times for him because he struggled to find the energy to complete them. The gym sessions have not only helped make him stronger physically but also helped him gain a lot of self-confidence. He realized he CAN achieve things when he truly sets his mind to it and doesn’t give up.

Today Quentin can go to the gym and express his likes and dislikes, he is also socializing and communicating more outside of the gym. This has helped him gain the social life he deserves. He is also able to start and finish daily tasks without so much difficulty and has the energy to enjoy his days. The work he does at the gym with his trainer is truly bringing out the best in him.

After 2 years of working together, they have created a good relationship that allows Quentin to expand on these skills. He has even started taking other students at school under his wing and teaching them that it’s okay to not be ready to talk or socialize. He understands it from his own experiences. He lets them know he will be right there when they are ready.

The article in the Press-Republican proves that it is important to never give up. Always try your best, and good things can happen. To read the full article (which I strongly encourage you to do) and see a picture click on the button below.

Family and Friends

Davis Suprenant
Londonderry, NH

I live in New Hampshire. One of my favorite things is to spend time with my roommates.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I have the largest Hot Wheels/Matchbox car collection in New England (not verified). These are a few of my favorite things but when the good weather comes, I enjoy being outside with friends and family.

I really enjoy watching my roommate play football and watching baseball games. If the bugs are away, I am there to cheer on my friends.


Josh Grant, Self-Directed Services Coordinator
Westbrook, ME
Gerry Provost has been a part of the Residential Resources community for over 20 years! He is energetic, kind, and loving. He recently moved and has been getting comfy in his new apartment as well as visiting many of the special places that his new town has to offer.

Gerry really enjoys animals and especially loves horses. One of his favorite hobbies is looking at books all about horses! He used to go to Hearts and Horses, a horseback riding center. The riding center gave him the opportunity to spend time with the horses and walk with them. He also loves visiting the Animal Refugee League of Greater Portland to look at the dogs, cats, and other special animals like bunnies and birds.

Gerry hopes to find fun places to explore near his new home that incorporate his love for animals.
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