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January 2023

John Greer!

Josh Grant, Self-Directed Services Coordinator
Westbrook, ME

John Greer, the man, the myth, the legend. John has been here at Residential Resources since early 2019. In that time, John has lit up the company with his amazing smile and incredible personality. He never ceases to amaze me with the way he carries himself and his ability to brighten my own day as well as everyone he meets. He truly is a wonderful person, and I am honored and overjoyed that he is a part of our community.

One of John’s favorite things to do is anything related to the Wizard of Oz. It is his all-time favorite movie, and he loves it with all his heart. He likes to sit down and watch the movie on a cold, rainy day. He even has a very special Wizard of Oz book that he takes with him everywhere he goes. He loves the music and soundtrack as well and has numerous CDs. John also enjoys the movie Hocus Pocus. One of his absolute favorite things to do is to dress up as any one of the witches for Halloween. Musicals also hold a very special place in his heart. Holding the number one spot in his heart is the musical Mamma Mia.

But, above all else John is a family man. He loves his sister Joy, and his brother Johnny. His lifelong best friend is a lovely women named Alyssa that John visits on all major holidays. He loves to go out shopping with her and spend the night at her house. John also loves the family dog, Scooby. Every time I see John he loves to sit and tell me stories about his family and how much he loves them and misses them. He will also tell me all about what they did over the weekend or what they will do over the upcoming weekend.

John has been a fantastic member of the Residential Resources community and it wouldn’t be the same without him.

Holiday Fun

Cheyenne Bentley, Program Manager
Keene, NH

December, the month filled with Christmas spirit and joy, was no exception in David’s home this year. He certainly had his hand in some Christmas festivities, one of them being the creation of a gingerbread house that he completed with Kat. David enjoyed not only building and decorating the gingerbread house but also eating plenty of M&Ms and of course, the frosting. Every time the M&Ms didn’t stick to the house he ate them and smile. “I have never seen him happier,” said Kat.
Em St DM 2
Em St DM 1

What a Month!

Kristin Lemire, Program Manager
Lodonderry, NH

The month of December was a busy month for Larry. He was ready to set up his Christmas tree early in the month, so he hung the ornaments on the tree and placed the other decorations around the house. Larry and his housemate enjoyed going out at night to look at the Christmas lights and decorated houses. Larry carries lights around with him all the time so looking at the lights at night puts a smile on his face.

On Christmas morning, Larry was surprised with some gifts. He has a love for antique cars and received some more to add to his collection along with some other exciting gifts to open.

Now, as if December wasn’t exciting enough, Larry ended the month with his birthday! That’s right, on December 31st Larry got to ring in the New Year by turning another year younger! He started the day with coffee and a donut, ended it with Chinese food and chocolate cake! Although Larry tried to stay up for the New Year, the excitement from the day got the best of him! Happy Birthday Larry from everyone at RRI!
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A Firefighter Luncheon

Josie Dupouy, Program Manager
Londonderry, NH

On December 12th, Dianne was invited to a luncheon at the Salem Senior Center. This outing was extra special because the Salem Fire Department was hosting the event. The firefighters have been having this event for nearly 30 years! They do the cooking in the Senior Center kitchen and then they, and their spouses, help serve the attendees. Dianne had the choice of attending the 11am lunch or the 1pm lunch. She decided on the 11am lunch because her friends from her knitting group would be there. As always, the group was so happy to have her with them. First, a salad and bread were served. Dianne really loves salad and ate hers quickly. When Dianne noticed her friend Janette still had her salad, Dianne stole a cherry tomato off her plate! Everyone had a good laugh and then they found an extra salad for Dianne to enjoy. The main course was pasta and meatballs. The portions were so big that Dianne ate about half and brought the rest home. At the end of the lunch, while everyone enjoyed a brownie, the newest firefighters sang some Christmas carols to everyone. Dianne was so happy she got to spend time with her friends while enjoying a great meal.
LDN Dianne IMG_5201
LDN Dianne IMG_5194 (1)

Opening Doors to Independence

Amanda O’Kusky, FI Supervisor
Plattsburgh, NY

I had the opportunity to talk with Corrina Charland, the mother of Shannon Thiverage. Shannon was approved for Self-Direction in December of 2021. Due to the pandemic and other factors, two years later they have just hired her first Direct Support Professional! Shannon loves her staff and is so excited to have some independence. Shannon is almost 18 years old, and as a young adult she is eager to be able to do things in her community without parent involvement.

Corrina shared that Self-Direction has brought some relief to her and her family. Shannon’s staff can take her out into the community, one place that she has enjoyed going is to paint and sip classes. In the next few weeks, Shannon will be starting Art Rise classes, and she could not be more excited as she loves anything to do with art. Shannon will have so many more opportunities now that she has staff to take her out during the afternoon and weekends and will have one-on-one attention instead of shared attention with a sibling.

Self-Direction also aided in Shannon’s ability to go to prom. Her teacher took her to the event, and Shannon was crowned Prom Queen! It meant so much to her and her family. Shannon and Corrina are so grateful for all the doors this program has opened. It is allowing Shannon to live her life the way that she wants to, to be an active community member, and engage in actives of interest to her.
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Christmas Shopping

Michelle Leger
Keene, NH

Sarah, Vikki, and I enjoyed an afternoon of shopping at the Mall of New Hampshire. We visited lots of stores and even sang some Christmas carols. I bought new sneakers at Dick’s Sporting Goods; the young man working was very helpful in finding shoes that would work best for me and that were within my budget. We also shopped at Savers. I bought some Christmas presents and 3 outfits.

After some shopping we were all feeling hungry and looked up a place close by, instead of eating at the food court. We found a nice little deli called Jerome’s and I had a delicious steak tip salad. I even had leftovers to take home with me. I got a coffee at Dunkin before heading home. It was a great day!
Em St ML picture

Joey D!

Earl R. Cookson, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

Now introducing the incomparable, amazing, incredible Joey D.! Residential Resources has been supporting Joey since 2001. He has made an impact here at the RRI and has accomplished several life achievements and goals. He has blossomed and is a valued member of our team.

Joey has worked at Goodwill for 4 years, holding this job even during the Covid pandemic. He started on the cleaning crew, sweeping and vacuuming, and has now advanced to his position of shredding all of Goodwill’s communications and files that they no longer need but are too sensitive to simply throw away in the garbage. Joey works with a job coach, whom he likes and is tremendously helpful to Joey. Joey works two days a week. He loves his job and is never late. Joey also likes his co-workers; they’re nice to him and they help him out with his tasks during his shift. The company gives him company shirts and hats to wear. They had two holiday parties in which he participated. They had games, prizes, a tree, and Santa Claus. He wants to work there forever.

Joey’s favorite pastime is going bowling. He bowls every Monday night with a league. He bowls at the same alley with the same four people every time. He has been bowling for a long time and has gotten very good at it. He has three of his own bowling balls and his own bowling shoes, so he is prepared every time he goes. Everybody knows Joey at the bowling alley. One woman has always been nice to him and talks to him at the alley. She is Joey’s favorite person there. She bowls with Joey, and she also helps at the bowling alley getting people lanes and bowling shoes. Last season, Joey came in 3rd place in his league. So far this season he is in 1st place. Joey bowls a lot of strikes. Joey always aims for at least a score of 200 and gets excited when he reaches that goal. His highest score was 246 out of 300 possible score. Joey wants to get a bowling league shirt.
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