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October 2023

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Alexander Dunne and Earl Cookson, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

Hello. My name is Alexander Dunne and I have been at Residential Resources since April 2021. I do many things by myself, such as cleaning my room and washing my clothes. I go to day program at Affinity, and I love it there. I am excited to go every weekday. I have a lot of fun there. We do many fun things, and all the people care about me.

I do not like crowds, but I do like to travel. I go with my parents on adventures, and this year, I traveled outside of the country. It was amazing. Another thing that I like to do is go to the library and watch videos and cartoons. I like it because it is quiet and calm there. I, often with my roommate, like to go to Planet Fitness to exercise on the exercise bicycle. I have an exercise bicycle at home too and use that while watching cartoons.

My favorite thing in the world is cartoons, particularly Disney cartoons. I love Disney. My room is completely decorated with Disney decorations. I have Disney bedding, statues, and toys, and tons of Disney movies. I love to watch them when I get home. I run from the car to my room to watch Disney shows. I have memorized Disney commercials for the Disney movies, and I like reciting the commercials. I do that very well. People say I should be a narrator, I do it so well. I often color Disney coloring books at Affinity. Disney is a large part of my life and makes me feel safe and happy.

Kevin's Birthday Celebration

Sharon Cleary, QA Specialist
Keene, NH

Kevin enjoyed his 66th birthday celebration this year at Cheshire Village Pizza, in Keene, NH. His two brothers Wayne and Dale, and his sister-in-law, Wanda, helped him celebrate along with Patty, Carrie, Sarah, Julie, Cheyenne and Tiffany. Everyone enjoyed delicious pizza, chocolate cake, and chocolate ice cream. The restaurant was decorated with lots of balloons and he received many gifts. He is already planning his 2024 birthday!

Making a Difference in the Community

Brittany Bracy, FI Coordinator
Plattsburgh, NY

Lisa is a bright and beautiful young lady who I have had the pleasure of getting to know well before my time here at Residential Resources. I recently learned that Lisa has been giving back to her community by taking the time to volunteer for the past 8 years. Every other Wednesday, Lisa spends her time volunteering at the Dannemora Library and Elmore SPCA. Lisa first stops at the Elmore SPCA where she volunteers in assisting with washing windows, cleaning walls and her favorite activity - playing and socializing with the kittens. They love the attention and play time she offers them.

Her next stop is to the Dannemora Library. Lisa keeps busy by assisting with several tasks including vacuuming, watering the plants, putting books away, washing tables down, coloring, arts and craft activities, baking desserts and reading. Lisa is especially fond of reading books while she is spending her time at the library.

I can see the impact that volunteering has made on Lisa. Lisa was overwhelmed with emotion when I spoke with her about her volunteer work as it makes her very happy. Volunteering has helped her become more independent and to be able to do more jobs on her own. While she is out helping others, she is also helping herself to grow and learn about all that she is capable of. I look forward to watching Lisa thrive and gain confidence as she continues to give back to her community.

A Cultural Experience

Evelyn Innie and Sadie Shah, Home Care Provider
Londonderry, NH

Evelyn is an outgoing person who enjoys being out and experiencing different cultures. She loves trying different cuisine and learning new things.

Evelyn participated in the rice feeding ceremony of her home care providers daughter, Siya. She was very excited to be a part of the event and helped tremendously, preparing and decorating for the ceremony. She also went shopping for Siya and bought her beautiful rice feeding ceremony gifts, which both of them enjoyed looking at.

Evelyn is wearing a Kurta, traditional Nepali dress. She was very excited to wear a kurta, and she even went to day program and said she felt like a princess. She also tried the 84 different food items that were cooked for the ceremony and enjoyed all the delicious food.

DSP Appreciation Week

Tiffany Doyon, Director of Community Services
Keene, NH

DSP Appreciation Week is always our most important week at RRI. It's a chance for us all to stop and take a minute to express our gratitude to all of our amazing direct support professionals.   This year, we got to come together to share a drive through brunch. We handed out breakfast items, cards, and gifts.  It was a joyous day for all who came and celebrated. 

A Summer Outdoors in Maine

Kevin Gardella, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

We are privileged to support some truly extraordinary people at Residential Resources (RRI) including Michael Meade. When RRI began supporting individuals at Highland Ave, Michael was among the first to call this place home. Michael’s room is filled with images of him and his family, horseback riding, and other mementos from past experiences.

Michael has active days with people from their community, family, and the men and women who support him. There is no shortage of exciting places and events that have made this summer one of the best. Michael loves being outdoors; the Eastern Promenade is his favorite destination. He also likes the sights and sounds at Fort Williams. He has been there many times this summer and a few times this fall. It is a beautiful place to make new friends and appreciate Maine’s natural beauty. Wherever we go Michael loves being around people. He is looking forward to going to some new places in the community this fall.

Ethan’s Action-Packed Summer

Breanne Davidson Clifford, DSP
Londonderry, NH

If you know Ethan you know that he has a love for video games. One of his favorite activities is to go to the mall so that he can shop at Gamestop. Ethan takes pride in his video game collection and has an Xbox Series X and a Playstation 5. He goes so often that he has built a rapport with the workers there and they will chat with him while he shops. In the spirit of trying some new things, Ethan decided it was time to find some new hobbies. He is an active guy who loves the summertime and being outside. Northeast Passage, a program through UNH that offers sports for all abilities, seemed like the perfect fit for him. He was able to participate in kayaking (he owns 2 kayaks), water skiing, and archery. Ethan had tried archery and kayaking in the past, but water skiing was brand new to him. It was a little scary for him, despite being a strong swimmer. “I’m really nervous, I’ve never done this before.” With some support, he talked it through and despite being hesitant, Ethan was brave and tried it! He went around the whole lake twice. Everyone cheered him on and as he came back to shore, he was asking to go again! He has also built some bonds with the volunteers and other participants with Northeast Passage that mean a lot to him. He is already talking about plans for next summer and asking for his own archery bow for Christmas!
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