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November 2023

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mary Golding, Home Provider
Londonderry, NH

Chris recently started a project with his roommates. He is changing his drywall to a more stable shiplap wall. This project began when Chris wanted to hang a mirror on his wall. We realized the wall did not have a solid stud to attach a heavy mirror. Chris had to demo the wall, add studs, and put up shiplap boards. So far, the project has him measuring, cutting, nailing and staining. He seems to be enjoying all he has experienced with this project. We look forward to showing everyone his completed wall with the stunning mirror he purchased hanging on it!

It's a Derek Day!

Holli Brown, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

Derek has been sharing his warm smile with Residential Resources for 23 years! Derek was first introduced to our team in 1999 when he chose to live and be supported in one of our group homes. Derek and his best buddy, John, now have their own home in Portland, Maine where they live and continue to receive support services from us.

Derek brings his warm smile and can-do-attitude to the team at Shaw’s in Falmouth, Maine. He has been working there for more than 10 years. His many roles with Shaw’s have included bagging groceries, cleaning services, and baking. Derek works with the support of a job coach and is currently working in the bakery department where he bakes large racks of cookies. Derek always has a smile and a wave for everyone he meets during his workday. His coworkers can be heard greeting him on his way into work and commenting happily, “It’s a Derek Day! Derek keeps the greater Falmouth area supplied with warm cookies and warm smiles.

Growing up in Marlow, NH

Shirley Rogers
Keene, NH

I was born in Keene, NH in 1945, but my family and I lived in Marlow, NH. I grew up in a beautiful big house on Route 123 with my mother, father, sister and brother. I had a lot of nice neighbors and nice people in my hometown. I visit my home once a month to see what the new owner is doing. He is making it into four apartments. It made me sad at first, because I thought a family should live there. I went to the little red schoolhouse, now it is the town offices. My school had two rooms and I went to school there until grade four.

I moved to Elm Street in Keene in the 1980’s. I lived in a group home with three other ladies and four men. Then I moved to a big house on Beaver Street, I don’t remember how many people I lived with there, but it was a lot. I still see people around town that I have lived with over the years, and I enjoy visiting with them. Now I live in a beautiful apartment in Keene all by myself, well, with my cat, Oscar.

Relationships and friendships are really important to me. I have a very close friend in my apartment building now and I know a lot of other tenants by sight and by name. I visit a barber shop often and visit with customers there. I also walk to a salon weekly to have my hair done. I visit people at my bank and CVS. I love to shop at Hannaford’s and Walmart.

When I went to see my childhood home at the end of October, I visited with neighbors, Ed and Barbara. It was fun to catch up on current stuff going on in town and we talked about old times. I love talking about my memories of growing up.

Farm Therapy

Max Sorrell, Fiscal Intermediary Coordinator
Plattsburgh, NY

Farms, like children, involve growth, hard work, support, and a lot of fun. Children can learn and experience this way of life which can promote healthy changes for any child with developmental delays. Farms can provide opportunities to improve communication skills, self-awareness, and build relationships.

Jazmin is an individual that we support at Residential Resources. She is an outspoken teenager who enjoys learning new things. Jazmin's brother, Riley, is also supported by Residential Resources; he is a fun individual who enjoys the outdoors. Jazmin, alongside her brother frequently visit Sapeliro Farm and Wellness Place, LLC as a fun activity to do during the week. Jazmin’s goal is to learn aspects of caring for the animals such as feeding, stall cleaning, milking, hoof trimming, washing, and shearing. In addition, she values the importance of learning about the medicine an animal needs when it’s feeling ill and how to administer it. Jazmin enjoys horseback riding, occasionally landscape work, and playing with the goats at the farm.

Riley has achieved a major goal at the farm which is the exposure to animals and sensory needs. Riley was always nervous around animals. When he first started visiting the farm, he feared the dogs that would greet him and other animals. Through routine visits each week, he has become more comfortable with the animals which has sparked more interest in learning about them. He now asks for staff to bring a horse nearby to pet. He also requests to see the goats and helps take part in finding chicken eggs. Riley also takes responsibility for grooming the animals, cleaning their stalls, and filling their hay bags. His favorite animal of all is Becky, the chicken.

There are other children at the farm enjoying these hands-on activities too. Riley and Jazmin enjoy working with them to complete the fun responsibilities on the farm. By doing so, they are sharing this life experience with one another while also building friendships.

Fall Greenery

Tia-Jade Love, Direct Support Professional
Keene, NH

Although fall has been very wet and cold, the greenhouse was a reminder of summer warmth. Anne and I went to The House by The Side of The Road in Wilton, NH. It's an indoor/outdoor greenhouse and nursery. We took some time looking at all of the plants. This outing gave Anne the freedom to explore her curiosity in a new place within the community!


Scott Dow, State Director
Londonderry, NH
When it comes to cars and a love for serving our country, Mike must surely come to mind for those who know him. Mike will gladly sit and talk to you about his passion for older cars and what he used to own years ago with a huge smile on his face. Mike may then begin sharing a story of something that conjures up a good memory for him, usually involving his wife and driving to or from the beach. His knowledge of cars is vast, and he enjoys any opportunity to talk about them. One of his other passions is talking about his Navy days when he served our country. Mike proudly served and has many memories and mementos throughout his bedroom to show his days of service. He enjoys going out into the community while wearing his Navy gear and the conversations that ensue when people come up to him to thank him for his service. If you ever find yourself in the Sandown area, Mike would be happy to strike up a conversation and have a nice cup of cocoa and discuss cars or the Navy with you!

Michelle's Wonderful Life

Lisa Pimpare, Program Manager/Office Manager
Westbrook, ME

Michelle loves to go out and shop at her favorite store, Bull Moose Music, for music cd’s and movies to watch while at home. Since moving into a new apartment this year, she really enjoys relaxing in her recliner and watching tv or listening to music with her portable cd player.

Michelle also loves being part of her community by walking the neighborhood and going to her favorite places to eat. She likes to meet new people and enjoys attending community events at the Westbrook office, as well as other seasonal activities in the area.

She loves to have visitors and often speaks about her upcoming visits with her Dad and family.
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