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June 2023

Chelly Tries Yoga

Chelly Leger
Keene, NH

I was able to attend two yoga classes last month where I enjoyed some social activity as well as exercise. During the class, I experienced yoga moves such as the cat/cow, happy baby, downward dog, and some other stretching. Never having done a yoga class before, I was quite surprised how I felt days later. It “kicked my butt”!

2023 Maine State Summer Games!

Sarah King, Director of Residential Services
Westbrook, ME

The Special Olympics is a time-honored tradition, one which our own Jimmy Clark has begun participating in again in the last couple of years. This year, Jimmy participated in the local games and then carried on to the infamous Orono Summer Games. I had the privilege of attending with him, supporting, and spectating his events. Jimmy is a softball and 25m walk athlete and an enthusiastic spectator to other athletes. He also enjoyed rubbing elbows with the "Guardians of the Flame" (aka many amazing members of law enforcement from all over Maine who are part of the Maine Law Enforcement Torch Run). Attending with him was a simple but potent reminder of the importance of embracing community, friendship, and courage, in everything we do! 

Jimmy and I would like to share this link in case you have ever thought about being an athlete, a coach, or just getting involved, you won't be sorry if you do! 

The Weather is Getting Nicer

Lisa Turner, Associate Director
Londonderry, NH

There’s nothing better than being outdoors, doing the things that you love, when the weather starts getting nicer and the days start getting longer. For Robert, that means doing the things he loves most, eating out and exploring new places with his roommate and Home Care Provider.

The past couple of months have been busy for Robert and he has enjoyed going to several places. He likes to visit places where history was made, like in Boston where the Great Molasses Flood happened. Who knew that molasses could cause so much damage?

He also went to Strafford Farms and Tucker’s to enjoy some good food. He loves going out to eat and you can always count on him to point you in the right direction of a good restaurant. Robert went to Willand Pond in Dover to walk around and enjoy the scenery. He plans to go explore more new places this summer and maybe re-visit some of the places that he’s already been to.

A Life Well Lived
Beth Votraw, Director of Waiver Services & Tim and Sue Pelkey
Plattsburgh, NY

Last week, we received word that our friend Tina Tourangeau passed away. With the help of others who were close to Tina, I will do my best to describe Tina’s life.

Tina was born in 1979 and spent most of her life living with her mom. In 2016, Tina began self-direction services. She enjoyed going out in the community and eating at various restaurants. McDonald's was her favorite place for their fries and sweet tea. Of course, the tea was not really complete until she visited Chick-fil-A to get a cup of their ice to add to the tea.

Tina had a playful sense of humor. She loved to hide things from people and especially loved to scare you with a poke and a boo!” When she got you, her deep belly laughs and smile made everyone in the room smile and chuckle with her. If she joked around with or picked on you, you knew she thought of you as a friend. Tina loved her friends unconditionally and with all her heart. She had a kind and gentle soul that even animals noticed. She loved it when cats and dogs cuddled with her, and she gave the love right back. Tina absolutely LOVED Mickey Mouse and collected numerous items including a small TV with Mickey Mouse ears!

Tina liked crafts, especially cross stitching, jewelry making, coloring, and scrapbooking. It brought her joy when she could teach someone how to do these things with her. She also loved word searches and when someone wanted to play a game of Uno or Skip Bo, she was always ready.

Nothing brought Tina more happiness than buying or giving something to someone she loved. She would spend her last dime on a gift if she knew it would bring happiness to the person she was giving it to. She would go without if she thought you needed or wanted something she had or could provide.

The last year of Tina’s life was one of adapting to changes. She longed for a family connection which led her to connect and spend more time with members of her family. Although her last months were challenging, she never complained and always kept up a brave front. Tina continued going out to see her many family members and friends in the community as often as she could.

Tina thoroughly enjoyed practicing her faith and considered members of her church to be part of her family. She was a faithful follower and believed she would see her mom when she passed away. Her faith helped her to stay strong mentally when her physical strength was leaving her.

The world was a better place with Tina in it. We will miss Tina and her sense of humor, love, kindness, and generosity.

The Man and The Sea

Lynn Rowe, DSP & Pat Rowe, Home Care Provider
Keene, NH

Shawn and his home providers spent 4 days and 3 nights at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, sightseeing, indulging in local foods, and walking on the beach. Shawn was particularly fond of fried shrimp!

We traveled extensively up and down the Maine seacoast and on the way home stopped at Stonewall Kitchen, in York, and When Pigs Fly bakery for some goodies. Beautiful weather and seashore views made for a most pleasant experience. Good times!

Julie Makes a Hat

Cheryl Stancik, DSP
Londonderry, NH

During the winter months a Manchester church, where Julie Green volunteers, was collecting hats to send to Ukraine. Julie felt that it was important for people to be warm while they were trying to stay safe in a war zone. She wanted to help and be part of the effort to send as many hats as they could, but she did not know how to knit.

Julie overcame this hurdle with the help of others. They found a knitting machine and taught Julie how to make hats. Julie practiced until she was able to operate the machine on her own. She was very excited to created this hat to donate!

Lloyd Brightens Your Day!

Lloyd Anderson
Westbrook, ME

Hi, my name is Lloyd, and I live in Gorham with my parents and my 2 brothers. I recently ordered some coloring books online and love to add my own creativity to coloring the various birds. In addition to using the coloring book pictures, I also create trees for the birds out of construction paper. Once I have the bird and its tree completed, I add my finishing touches by firing up my laminating machine and laminating them. I add some holes to hang them up so they can be admired in my home by myself and my family. I am quite proud of my accomplishments and hope that they brighten your day!
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