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March 2024

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Is It Spring Yet?

Robin Raymond, Direct Support Professional
Keene, NH
Will March come in like a lion or go out like a lamb? Well, we just don’t know. Even the trusted weather folks here in New Hampshire can’t predict how the weather will be, but Glen is here to provide a few reminders to help us ease into spring.

First, always remember to drink plenty of water even when you don't feel thirsty. It is helpful to bring a full water bottle with you! Second, it's a good idea to continue to carry warm gloves or mittens and a hat to protect against the cold. It is very uncomfortable to be caught without warm clothes in 30-45 mile an hour wind! And lastly, don't forget your reflective vest! The days are not yet long enough for “sun lovers” and “picnickers. The skies become pretty dark at night. Reflective vests will make you more visible and safer in dark, stormy weather.

With a little preparation, Glen is ready for any weather, and you can be too!

Active and Busy

Holli Brown, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME
Jeremy uses lots of tools to make the most of his life. Jeremy enjoys exercising his legs and muscles by utilizing his standing frame. This is great exercise as well as a fun way to watch TV and interact with his friends from a new vantage point. He is getting stronger every day, increasing his standing time and muscle strength.

When Jeremy is done with his daily workout, he enjoys relaxing by going to the movies and music concerts. He recently saw Madame Web in the Marvel Movie Series and highly recommends this movie to Marvel fans everywhere.

Jeremy also uses his Dynavox to help him communicate about the movies and concerts he is interested in. He selects pictures on the screen and uses the computer voice to speak out loud.

Jeremy drives his electric wheelchair to remain independent in his home and community and will use it to participate in Special Olympics Track and Field events this spring.

Jeremy is staying active and busy by utilizing all of the tools available to help him live his best life.

Night to Shine

Autumn Donnelly, Fiscal Intermediary Accounting Specialist
Plattsburgh, NY

While many of us were settling into a chilly night in front of our TVs on February 9th, 2024, thousands of people across the world turned up the tunes for a Night to Shine. One of these people was Katelynn Belair, who attended the Night to Shine Prom at the Plattsburgh House of Prayer.

This was Katelynn’s second year attending the worldwide movement, and she plans to go again. One of her favorite parts was singing karaoke and dancing with all her friends. Her staff, Anne, supported Katelynn with all the parts of getting ready for the big night, including hair and make-up, and supported her throughout the night while at the prom. It is clear from the pictures that Katelynn had an amazing time. Katelynn says the only thing she would change about this event is when they have it as it is hard to stay warm in a dress!

Night to Shine is open to anyone living with disabilities, ages 14 and older. At these events, attendees participate in dinner, dancing, and an assortment of other fun activities. To learn more about ‘Night to Shine,’ go to Night to Shine | Tim Tebow Foundation.


Kristin Lemire, Program Manager
Londonderry NH

Lorieann enjoys using her computer. She recently set up a Facebook account and connected with her brothers. She has been FaceTiming them and got to share the news that she changed her name back to her maiden name... she is now a Dow again!

Lorieann downloaded games on her computer, too. She likes playing matching games and crossword puzzles. She enjoys watching DYIs for sewing hacks and hopes to start using her sewing machine again to make some shirts.

She also watches cooking shows and finds recipes to make at home. She recently assisted in making a chicken pot pie that was delicious! Loriann is now excited to look for a dessert recipe to make for an Easter get together!

Chef David Making Pizza

Makayla Doyon, Direct Support Professional
Keene, NH

David created this tasty pizza as a "give back activity" in honor of his support team. He carefully assembled 40 pieces of pepperoni on this pizza to commemorate Residential Resources' 40 years of supporting individuals. He enjoyed doing the activity, but the best part was eating it!

Volunteer Opportunity

Jennifer Wildes
Westbrook, ME

On January 3rd, I had an opportunity to volunteer at Preble Street in Portland, ME. Preble Street provides accessible barrier-free services to empower people experiencing problems with homelessness, housing, hunger, and poverty and advocate for solutions to these problems.

Preble Street has volunteer cooks who prepare the meals that are served. The job that I volunteered to do was packing the food that the cooks prepared, per their instructions. I enjoyed working in the kitchen and especially liked helping prepare meals for people who need support.

As a thank you for my participation, I was given a T-shirt. This is something that I really enjoyed participating in, and I look forward to an opportunity to volunteer there again soon. It was a great opportunity!


Jessica Kaufman, Program Manager
Londonderry, NH

If anyone knows Mike or has spent time with him, then we know you have heard “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. If you want to see Mike’s dance moves, Thriller is the song to play!

Mike is definitely not shy about showing off his moves. He loves to listen to Michael Jackson, especially when he is using his exercise machine. When his favorite songs play, you’ll see him get faster on the machine, displaying a broad smile.

Mike went shopping for Easter decorations. Mike enjoys going shopping and lending a hand pushing the cart. He finds it amusing to bump into objects when pushing the cart with his eyes closed. Mike and his housemate decorated for Easter, and of course, he wanted the music blasting. Mike loves to dance, watch TV shows, and go out for rides in the car. Mike is always in a joyous mood!

Pokémon Go

Alyssa Burdo, Fiscal Intermediary Coordinator
Plattsburgh, NY

Pokémon Go is a lot of fun and a great way to exercise! When Joshua Besaw is not working at TJ Maxx or on his family farm, he enjoys playing Pokémon Go. He has been playing for 3 years and has collected a lot of series 1 cards.

Pokémon Go is a game that you play on your cell phone as you travel to places to catch them. His favorite place to catch Pokémon is Plattsburgh, NY, because there are a lot of stops, but Peru, NY, is much closer. In this game, you get to walk around the park, down trails, and even under bridges to many stops.

It’s an art to know what Pokémon to use for each battle. Josh said one of the challenges is finding other people to help with 4 and 5-star raids, which is how you get stronger Pokémon. Another challenge is running out of Pokémon balls, which is why he goes to a lot of Poke Stops to collect more. Josh hopes that more people will want to play and trade Pokémon. The goal is to have enough people at the park to help with the raid (battling Pokémon).

The greatest part of playing is catching Pokémon and earning rewards. So far, Josh has 2207 Pokémon and 38 perfect Pokémon. He is at level 42, which took him a long time to achieve, but he is very focused on playing every day.

In addition to exercise, playing Pokémon Go can also help you make new friends and develop stronger multitasking skills as you walk and catch Pokémon at the same time. It's a fun game with many benefits!
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