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April 2024

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Banana Bread

Troy Lavigne and Ricky Berry, Associate Director
Londonderry, NH
Troy is an extremely outgoing and active young man who tends to make friends wherever he goes. He loves getting some exercise in by walking on the beach and in downtown Dover on nice days. He enjoys outings with his mother and friends during weekends and evenings, from attending plays to eating brunch.

Troy really likes his job at Marshalls. He takes great pride in his work assisting customers, stocking shelves, and interacting with co-workers. He has to wake up early to catch the bus to work, but he says this is no problem because he loves working and helping others! This month, Troy decided to combine his love of being in the kitchen with work. He made banana bread to share with his colleagues and his housemates. He was very happy and proud to share the bread that he made with others.

Troy's compassion and desire to share and give to others is where he shines. His job allows him to meet different people daily, and he consistently brightens their day. He is always quick to help when needed and does so with a smile. Troy plans to go shopping for more things to brighten his co-worker's days throughout the year. He hopes to share more details with all the readers later. Until then, if you’re ever in Portsmouth, swing into Marshalls and say “Hi” to Troy, and who knows, he may give you a slice of banana bread for the road!

“I make the banana bread for my work and at home. For me, it was very good. I loved it very much I had a lot of good fun. From your friend Troy Lavigne. See you, goodbye.”

Easter Weekend

John Flynn & Maggie Dragon, Home Provider
Keene, NH

John participated in some exciting events leading up to Easter weekend. To kick off a beautiful spring weekend, John joined Maggie, his home provider, in a fundraiser paint night supporting Feeding Tiny Tummies. John worked on painting a mushroom, helped clean up all the paint cups, pitched in to help put tablecloths on all the tables, and indulged in some treats while supporting this community event. He had a great night and was a wonderful help. John enjoys these events and looks forward to going as often as possible. John also had an Easter brunch with Maggie’s family before going to his dad for the night, which he does a few times a month. While John is with his dad, they enjoy shopping and checking out little shops in the area. John enjoys participating in family activities and being in on the fun, including finding 9 eggs during the Easter egg hunt!

Rebuilding Cars

Alicia Lanthier, Fiscal Intermediary Coordinator
Plattsburgh, NY

Skyler Duprey is a young man who has a passion for rebuilding cars. He is proud of his progress in this car, which he is helping to restore. Skyler's interests include working in the garage on cars, survival skills, utilizing survival equipment, and collecting survival gear. He is learning many skills to rebuild cars, hoping to one day become a mechanic. Featured in these pictures is Skyler sanding the car and parts. Skyler is very eager to help create a masterpiece out of this car. He has also learned many safety skills working with these cars, and, as seen in the pictures, he is wearing protective eye gear!

Skyler’s plan for this specific car is to get it ready to go into the derby or the Airbourne Speedway someday soon. He is working with Team Bell on this project car. Clement Bell is his Community Habilitation DSP, and he and Skyler have a very close bond. Clement has been a very positive person in Skyler’s life and has assisted Skyler in learning many new things, assuring his safety all the while.

Skyler works on many different outdoor skills, such as lawn work, learning to build things for his home and family, and rebuilding cars. He enjoys four wheeling, riding the lawn mower, anything to do with putting things together, and just being outdoors in general. Skyler is a very bright young man who makes great things happen when he puts his mind to doing something!

Renaissance Man

Kevin Gardella, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

In the late 1600th century, the Late Middle Ages were ending while a rebirth in interest in art, exploration, and science was growing. The term "Renaissance Man" was born, and Ryan Lynch is bringing it back to Residential Resources with his broad range of interests and skills.

The Basketball Special Olympics this year showcased Ryan's athletic prowess. He was up against some tough competition. Using fantastic ball handling skills, strong outside shooting, and precise passes, he took home gold with his team from POD. The final score was 11-7.

Ryan is also a skilled artist who creates ultra creative images of fantastic beasts. He plans to monetize this passion by selling print and original artwork online and at fairs.

Finally, Ryan is also fascinated with paranormal exploration. He enjoys going to places with a history of being haunted and collecting video footage of these sites. As he walks around, he beckons the spirits that may be inhabiting the area to give him a recordable sign that they are present.

It has been a privilege learning about Ryan's diverse interests. He truly is a Renaissance Man, and we are excited to see what he does next!

Joan Loves to Bake

Renee Palladino, Home Provider
Londonderry, NH

Joan loves baking and enjoys shopping for the items needed to bake. She especially likes interacting with the employees when she purchases her baking items. Joan compliments everyone she encounters and always prioritizes personal safety, ensuring her adventures in the community are as joyful as they are secure.

Happy Birthday, Chelley!

Laurie Truehart, Program Manager
Keene, NH

In March, Chelley celebrated her birthday with a party attended by friends. Instead of a cake, she had her favorite treat, lemon meringue pie. She was also surprised by a very special day with lots of activities, including a “home spa day. She enjoyed getting her nails done and her hair styled. Later in the day, there was another special treat of ice cream at one of her favorite places.

When Chelley is not celebrating her birthday, she enjoys bowling every Tuesday, going out for lunch, and craft shopping. She also likes puzzles and board games.


Jason Allen, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

Trish is always on the move! Whether swimming at the pool, having fun with her housemate, going to Houlton with her family, or attending events at the VFW, she is always ready for the adventure.

One of Trish’s favorite things to do in the world is swim. She has a membership at a pool that she frequents, but she also loves visiting lakes and ponds. Last year, she visited Range Pond, Silver Lake, Burnt Meadow Pond, Watchic Pond, Long Pond, and Little Ossipee. She’s a lifelong swimmer and enjoys swimming underwater, as well as doing the dead-man’s float to scare unsuspecting swimmers nearby. If it were up to Trish, she’d be in the water 24/7.

Trish also spends a lot of time with her family. She visits with her mother and Gary every weekend and looks forward to “Gary-oke,” where Gary sings all of her favorite songs. They like to travel to Houlton once or twice a year, where they have family ties. She will be visiting in May and will get to see her grandmother. Family is very important to Trish.

Trish likes to spend a lot of time at the Portland VFW with her housemate. She attends the monthly breakfast and dinners and has made many friends over the last few years. She loves bouncing around to the tables of guests, greeting them as she passes. She’s seen a few live bands and has celebrated multiple holidays there.

This summer, Trish plans to get out as much as possible. She loves music and attending music festivities and plans on going to the Vallee Square Concert Series in Westbrook. She’ll, of course, be swimming in all sorts of new places and will have even more new adventures to share. Trish is always ready for a good time!
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