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May 2024

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Florida Vacation

Shirley Rogers
Keene, NH
Vacationing in Florida there is a lot to do every day. It is always warm with lots of flowers and animals to see. Being real close to the beach, I go whenever I want. Fun things to do at the beach are watching people fish and walk on the beach. Barbara and I have a big shell collection we are going to use for crafts. I like to hear and watch the waves.

Watching rockets take off from the ground at night is the best way to see them. We park the car on the edge of the water, bring a picnic, and sit with people from all over the world and wait to watch the rockets together. All the people are friendly and we talk about where they come from, the rockets, and what else they might want to do or see while they are in Florida. After telling them about my favorite places to go and things to do they say thank you. Sometimes I sit in a lounge chair out back and watch rockets take off. I can see the glow and smoke, but I do not see it until it gets over the trees from the house. I watch it go up in the sky. You do not hear the roar or feel the shaking until the rocket is high up.

I love seeing all the alligators at different places. There is different wildlife areas some you drive through, others that give tour rides through by boat or golf-type carts. We see all kinds of animals. We go to an alligator park, they are real close and you get to hold a two foot alligator and other animals too! Alligators grow one foot a year until reaching 12 years old, females stop growing, males grow 1 inch a year after until they die.

I get to see my friends in Florida. Sue comes over a lot with her dog. That is fun. Bobby is the dogs name and he touches noses with Oscar, my cat. They are friends. Oscar likes dogs, he misses Cooper, and it is nice he has a new dog friend. Sue and Bobby sleep over a lot, that is fun. We have dinners, watch movies, enjoy the backyard together, and talk. I went for a ride in Sue’s jeep with the top off. I like to go to the Car Hop restaurant to get lunch or supper. Best of all, there is no snow. When I felt cold this winter, it was 55 degrees out!

Sunday Funday

Alida Nsabimana, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

Rosie is a beautiful woman I have had the pleasure of getting to know since I started working with Residential Resources. One of her favorite days is Sunday. Rosie gets excited when it’s Sunday because she goes to church, and after church, she goes out for lunch or ice cream. Sundays are days to explore new things and try different cuisines.

Another fun thing is that Rosie gets the opportunity to put on makeup on Sundays. She loves painting her nails and putting on some colorful eye shadow and bright red lipstick. This past Sunday, she was very excited when she went out for lunch after church.

When Rosie is not exploring new things or trying different cuisines, she’s home reading books. Reading can be so quiet and restful. She also enjoys searching for cool baby names. If you are ever looking for a baby name, Rosie is the person to go to!

It's Tim!

Kirk Palladino, Home Care Provider
Londonderry, NH

Tim lives in Greenfield, NH, with his roommates of over 25 years. He likes spending time with his brother and friends. He enjoys music, movies, and, of course, good places to eat!

Tim has many interests and remains active by visiting various places within the community. He especially likes bowling and catching ball games when he can.

When Tim isn't playing music or enjoying sports, he is working hard on some chores. One of his goals is collecting and taking trash to the dump 2-3 times a week. It is tough work, but Tim is up for the challenge.

Keeping Busy

Patrice Aguda-Brown, Home Care Provider
Keene, NH

Gregg and Chris work very hard in the spring to prune the apple trees. They work no matter the weather. It can be snowing, raining, or sunny, and they keep working to get the job done.  Gregg loves to gather all the cut branches and load them onto the trailer. When the trailer is full, they hop into the truck and drive to the Keene recycling center to drop off the load. Gregg will also save some of the cut branches and put them next to the outdoor fireplace for kindling wood. Gregg knows that we need that to start a fire on occasion. These two make a very productive landscaping crew!

The M&M House

Lisa Pimpare, Program/Office Manager
Westbrook, ME

Michelle just got a new roommate, and now she lives with another Michelle. We lovingly call it the M&M House, which causes lots of extra giggles.

Michelle has enjoyed her new roommate's move-in and redecorating their home to make it brighter and easier to access her favorite chair. The two ladies can often be found sitting next to one another in the living room, enjoying each other's company as they watch TV or listen to music.

When Michelle isn’t home, she can often be found eating at her favorite restaurants and greeting others with a smile. She also loves shopping for her favorite tunes at the music store.

Life of the Party!

Lisa Turner, Associate Director
Londonderry, NH

Kerry loves a good party. He enjoys being around people, whether he knows them or not. He will strike up a conversation with just about anyone. The conversation usually leads to a few good laughs because he has a great sense of humor and likes to joke around. Kerry also likes to play games at parties and can throw a pretty good axe, so watch out!

Not only does Kerry love a good party, but he also LOVES to sing to his favorite tunes. He listens to all kinds of music on a radio (yes, an actual radio), and you can usually hear him belting out a few verses when he gets home in the afternoon. There’s no telling what song you will hear when you visit.

If you catch him at home on nice weekends, he’s usually relaxing out on the back porch with his cup of coffee. He enjoys playing and cuddling with his two dogs and watching whatever is going on outside.

Passion for Music

Chelsea Tremblay, Quality Assurance Coordinator
Plattsburg, NY

According to the Great American Songbook Foundation, learning to play an instrument can have many benefits, such as developing stronger social skills and increasing your confidence, as well as various health benefits.

Matthew is a 10-year-old boy who began playing instruments and attending music lessons just last summer. Since then, he has been learning to play the guitar and violin. Matthew can’t say which instrument is his favorite because he loves both very much!

Matthew has built a very strong relationship with his teacher, Tyler Dezago. Matthew and his mother agree that these lessons have been wonderful for him. Matthew said, "It feels great to learn and create music, feel melody, happiness, and calming me down."

Matthew also feels very strongly about his heritage. During this current school year, his school held a Heritage night. Students created posters all about their heritage and brought in snacks that originated from all kinds of places. Matthew also decided to bring in his violin and show off his new skills. He excitedly played for all who wished to hear. I was lucky enough to witness this, and I can say all his lessons have most certainly been paying off! Many people flocked to his table to learn about his heritage and listen to him play.

This is just one example of why you should never be afraid to try something new or set a goal for yourself, even if it seems like it may be tough. If there is something that interests you, go for it! You never know; it could end up being one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!
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