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June 2024

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Jennifer's 5K

Beth Votraw, Director of Waiver Services
Plattsburg, NY
When you have a goal, staying positive and continuing to try is the best way to reach it, which is just what Jennifer did. Because of her positive attitude and determination, she recently completed her first 5K!

Jennifer has set a goal to get healthier. She added completing a 5K to her bucket list. In addition, Jennifer is working hard to get out of her comfort zone and be with people she does not know. What better way to attain these goals than to be with encouraging people who have the same goals as you?

Jennifer began her quest by walking. She started with 15 minutes of walking and slowly increased her time as her endurance improved. She said starting slowly helped her attain her goal.

Before the 5K, Jennifer and Sara, her DSP, contacted a local health and wellness organization. Jennifer explained her goal and determination. The organization was so inspired by Jennifer’s story that they agreed to sponsor her first 5K! This sponsorship motivated Jennifer even more. Since her first race, they have offered to sponsor her again if she decides to run next year.

On the day of the 5K, Jennifer doubted herself and was nervous, especially around people she didn't know. But the people around her were so encouraging that it helped her to keep going. These are the supportive people she wants to be around. It took a few hours after the race to realize she had actually completed a 5K. Now, she wants to do it again!

Jennifer plans on completing another 5K once the weather gets a little cooler as she continues her journey to health and wellness. She would like to share some advice for those thinking about getting healthier.
  • Start slowly and increase as you go.
  • Stay positive. She’s learned this from a few good people in her life.
  • It’s okay to have bad days, but walking helps no matter what you are going through.
  • Get good shoes. They can be expensive, but they are worth it!
  • During a race, start at a slow pace, speed up, and then return to a slower pace. Keep doing that throughout the race.
  • Rest between races. This helps your body recover.
  • Always try hard things, a little at a time. They will eventually not be as hard and perhaps fun!
  • Most important - Do it for you!
So, take Jennifer’s advice, get out there, get healthy, and never stop trying to improve yourself in whatever way fits you.


Cheryl Stancik, Direct Support Professional
Londonderry, NH

Julie's love of crafting has kept her active and helped her manage through a multitude of health issues over the last few years. She is prepared to face any crafting challenge with the support of her DSP. She likes to select crafts that she can give away as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and Mother’s Day.

When crafts get challenging, which they often do, it can get discouraging. Julie uses this as an opportunity to set her craft aside to do something else that she enjoys. After a little while, she returns to try it again. Even though crafting can be a bit challenging with patience and support, she has created beautiful masterpieces such as a 4th of July water bead vase, macrame bowls, rabbits made from socks, a ladybug lantern made from clay pots, and coasters made with diamond painting.

Julie never gives up and looks forward to more crafting in the future!


Earl Cookson, Program Manager &
Justina Patrick, Director of Communications
Westbrook, ME

Nestled in his cozy room, Alex loves watching Disney animations and cartoons. Whether he’s revisiting a classic animated series or exploring new ones, they are a comforting and relaxing way to unwind, making them an essential part of his day.

When he’s ready to break a sweat, Alex hits the gym! He regularly visits the gym 3-5 times a week. Alex focuses on cardio workouts using an exercise bike to keep his heart healthy and his fitness level up. When he can’t make it to the gym, you can often find Alex on his home exercise bike, peddling away as he watches his favorite animations.

In addition to his love for animation and fitness, Alex enjoys the quiet atmosphere of the library. He tries to visit the local library at least once a week. Although he gravitates towards the library's computer, he is working towards exploring the wide variety of books available. The library might be the perfect place to learn more about animation and fitness!

Alex’s weekly routine combines his love for animation, commitment to fitness, and visits to the library, keeping him entertained, active, and relaxed. This combination highlights the importance of including diverse interests and activities into our routines to create the perfect balance and fulfillment.

A Visit to Surry Dam

Laurie Truehart, Program Manager
Keene, NH

Recently, Anne spent some time exploring Surry Dam. It is the perfect place to walk around, listen to the birds, and admire the trees. After returning to the car, she immediately took her shoes off to fully relax while driving along and listening to her favorite music. The adventure ended with a quick trip to Dunkins for a coffee and munchkins. A perfect day of listening to music and seeing the local sights!

Born to Run!

Kevin Gardella, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

Jimmie continued his amazing legacy of bringing strength, speed, and a great attitude to the Orono Special Olympics. Jimmie had so many friends there that it felt like he was the mayor!

After visiting with the other competitors, Jimmie and I went over to support John, who ran a great 50-meter dash. After cheering for John, we went to the fieldhouse, where we watched the softball competition heat up. Jimmie showcased his strong pitching form, windup, and toss, earning a second-place medal!

Residential Resources had excellent representation at the event. John C. participated in the softball throw and 50-meter run, Joe in the 50-meter dash and softball throw, and John G. in the 100-meter walk and softball throw. Several individuals we support competed with their various day programs, including Ryan, Doria, Jennifer, and Nicole.

As we waited for Jimmie’s name to be called for his final event, the 25-meter walk, it was clear he was going to have a great race. He did some stretches and walked around meeting with the police and friends he has made over the years. He showed no signs of slowing down as his race approached.

When he took off to the cheers of the crowd, we all knew he was going to do well, as he picked up speed, he could not help but run. He finished 1st but, since it was a 25-meter walk, he collected another award instead. He was proud of his accomplishment. It is clear that Jimmie was born to run!!!

Birthday Celebration

John Levasseur, Direct Support Professional
Keene, NH

Donald recently celebrated a birthday! He was born in 1951. Which means he celebrated his 73rd trip (year) around the sun. This year, Donald decided he didn’t want a cookout at home, so instead, we celebrated with pizza at Chesire Village Pizza and, of course, cake. Donald invited quite a few people this year, many of them work in the RRI office. Some friends of his showed up to help him celebrate among some of his favorite staff.We all ate pizza, had great conversations, and sang "Happy Birthday," which Donald enjoyed. Donald always likes celebrating his birthday with good food and friends.

Robert’s Food Reviews

Lisa Turner, Associate Director
Londonderry, NH

Robert LOVES going out to eat. He is always looking for new places and is up for trying anywhere. He likes all kinds of foods but typically goes for a good burger or pizza. Robert enjoys letting people know how good the food is at different places because he likes to help restaurants get more customers. He has worked in the food industry for a few years and knows how important the customer truly is. Below are some of Robert's reviews from a few of his favorite spots to eat.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The Airport Diner
I had a cheeseburger with beans. It’s a family-friendly environment. It was a retro 50’s diner. The bill thing was like a record, not a regular check folder. The waitress was friendly. My opinion is that it’s a pretty good place if you’re a diner guy like me. I would give it a five-star rating.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The Farmer’s Kitchen
I got the meat lover’s omelet with beans. Five stars. Five stars for the atmosphere. If you’re a fan of friendly environments, you have to go to the Farmer’s Kitchen.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Loan Oaks
We went here for ice cream. I got the sugar-free black raspberry. That is five stars. It’s in Rochester, NH. I suggest you don’t get a hot fudge sundae if you’re a diabetic because you will get a sugar crash. It’s very friendly and fast-paced. Sometimes it’s busy during the week. I would suggest you go there during the summer before they close in October.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Alley Cat Pizza
It’s a five-star restaurant. We order a meow pizza it’s like chicken with alfredo sauce. The service is a five-star rating because of their performance. They are very friendly and outgoing. They bring the pizza and salad to the table.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Randy’s Pit Stop
The waitress is friendly. I had the bacon cheeseburger and coleslaw. They brought it over to the table. I would say a friendly environment. The guy Randy was an auto mechanic, a bowler, and a fisherman. His sons opened the restaurant under their father’s name. I would say a five-star rating. The food is delicious.

They were busy, so I ordered an egg salad wrap. It was delicious. I would give it a five star. Very friendly, and outgoing. They are understanding of their customers. I’ve been very pleasant to them since I work in the restaurant business and I know how stressful it gets.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Harvey’s Bakery
Their food is excellent. I got a bacon and jalapeno omelet. Very friendly. I would give it five-stars. I would say it’s the best omelet. I would say go before the breakfast rush at 6:30 since it’s quiet. The best restaurant that’s been in Dover.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The Tavern at the End of the World
I got a burger. Their burgers are the best. It’s the best restaurant in Charlestown, MA. If you happen to like old pictures, they have one of the Titanic captain, Edward James Smith. I would give it five-stars. I would recommend this to friends and family. If my cousin was in the area, I would recommend it to her.

Robert plans to continue trying new places and sharing his experiences with others. For now, consider giving one of these 5-star options a try!
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