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December 2023

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A Real Star

Steve Nguz, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

John has had an extremely busy year! He went to the Special Olympics for the first time since 2019, to a camp in Old Town, attended monthly breakfasts and dinners at the VFW, performed his favorite Elvis song in a public performance, and attended his first drag show. Is there anything John HASN’T done? John has been all over the map this year, attending events and going to all of his favorite spots!

John’s family has strong ties with the VFW and the Legion, and he has spent lots of time there this year, celebrating holidays, dancing with friends and family, and just genuinely enjoying his time. He and his housemate attended many breakfasts, dinners, the Halloween party, and the Trunk-or-Treat this fall. If John has downtime, he’s having a blast with his friends and family at the Posts!

John was able to perform his favorite Elvis song, “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” with Listen Up this fall as well. He had many guests come to watch him perform; he felt like a real star! At the end of summer, John attended his first drag show hosted by Dixie’s Drag Show Dynamite at Skip’s in Buxton and stole the show when he was brought on stage during the performance! He really loved being in the spotlight this year!

John visited many friends and family, including making multiple trips to see his friends in Lewiston and attending his annual family reunion at Winslow State Park! He is looking forward to the holidays, his favorite time of year. 2023 brought endless joys and fantastic experiences for John. He is excited and waiting for 2024 with an open heart and open arms!

Angela’s Fall Fun

Lisa Turner, Associate Director
Londonderry, NH
Anyone who knows Angela knows she loves to be around people, doing new things, meeting new people, and giving back to her community. The fall was the perfect time for her to visit pumpkin patches with her friends. She went to the Haunted Overload at the DeMerrit Farm in Lee, NH, which was a lot of fun. While there, she met up with long-time and new friends, who all did the haunted walk together. Angela went to a Halloween party with the same friends and had a blast! They played Halloween bingo, won prizes, and ate lots of pizza. Angela loves a good party and looks forward to spending time with people she has known for years. Angela is also a regular volunteer at the soup kitchen. She has been doing this for about seven months, and the other volunteers always look forward to seeing Angela. Angela is always making friends everywhere she goes!

It's a Birthday Party!

Sarah Heath, Senior Program Manager
Keene, NH

Wayne's birthday was on Monday, November 27th. We decided we would celebrate by going out for pizza and cake. Wayne was under the impression that it was just going to be the two of us for lunch. When I picked him up, I told him that I had invited some friends to join us in the celebration. Wayne had the biggest smile on his face when he learned about this surprise. Two of his brothers and a few friends from Residential Resources joined us. Wayne thoroughly enjoyed the time we all spent together celebrating his birthday.


Earl Cookson, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

Nicole has been active within her community her entire life. At five years old, she began competing in the Special Olympics and continues to compete today. This summer in Orono, Maine, Nicole competed in the fifty-meter dash and the shot put, winning a ribbon in each events. She was also supposed to compete in the standing long jump, but unfortunately, that event was canceled due to severe weather! Nicole supports and encourages the other athletes and fosters many friendships while attending Special Olympic events and games.

In addition to Special Olympics, Nicole enjoys going to fairs, movies, and coffee shops. She has fun at the fairs and enjoys interacting with various people. She does not like the rides but loves all the different fair foods! Nicole is also an avid movie-goer and loves visiting coffee shops for her favorite coffee.

At home, Nicole enjoys cooking, helping plan meals, and decorating her room. She especially loves living with her best friend in the whole world. They go for walks, hang out, and go out into their community together to forge new experiences. These two women have been together since childhood and have had many adventures, such as being athletes in the Special Olympics. They take care of each other and support each other in their lives.

Nicole has recently begun looking for a new job. She hopes to work or volunteer at an animal shelter (she loves animals!) or in a greenhouse. Nicole loves helping all things grow. She enjoys adventures, learning new things, and having new experiences, so she is excited to become part of a new community.

Fall Greenery

Richard Berry, Associate Director
Londonderry, NH

Lorieann is a lady who is always ready for the next shopping adventure or outing. She enjoys going to clothing stores to look for new clothes as often as she can. She is quite the fashionista who will happily show you the latest deals she has found.

Lorieann also enjoys spending time with her friends when they come together for holiday events. She often pulls out her iPad to look up meal ideas or reach out to family. She is quite friendly, quick to crack a joke, and always willing to help out if something needs to be done.

Lorieann provides a spark in her home and is a fun person to chat and joke around with. She says that she is excited for the holiday season and more importantly, the food that accompanies it. If you happen to be at her house she will happily welcome you in, show you around, and have a nice talk with you.

Shawn’s Fall Getaway

Lynn Rowe, Direct Support Professional
Keene, NH

Shawn and his home providers took a road trip to North Conway for some fall foliage fun. Some of the local attractions were not open because it was mid-week, but we all had a good time.

Shopping, sightseeing and of course, eating were enjoyed. Shawn enjoys our adventures together and is always glad to return home as well. Happy and safe holidays to all!

Creative Arts

Autumn McDonald, Fiscal Intermediary Coordinator
Plattsburgh, NY

A locally owned business in Plattsburgh has provided an abundance of positive experiences and services to participants enrolled in the Self Direction Program at Residential Resources since August 2022.

E&E Creations Art Studio offers a variety of services. Their most popular service is the one-on-one creative art sessions. These sessions include all the materials needed to create projects of choice. Projects include clothing art, clay creations, personalized jewelry, drawings/paintings, shadow boxes, personalized mugs, and more. Group sessions are also available, offering individuals the opportunity to interact with peers and the greater community while expressing their creativity through similar interests.

Creative art provides unique self-expression and self-confidence opportunities and can also build communication skills. Inclusive community services allow individuals to come together, creating endless opportunities to interact with others and focusing on community involvement, communication, and social and safety skills. Art can benefit people of all ages, talents, and abilities.

Art services, like those at E&E Creations, have positively impacted the self-directed population in our local community. These services have enabled those we serve to work towards their goals and outcomes while offering an opportunity to create stronger community connections.
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