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January 2024

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Plants Galore!

Madison Levesque, Program Manager
Londonderry, NH

Dianne is a fun-loving lady who likes to do all sorts of activities. She knits, watches crime shows, and especially loves caring for plants! Dianne recently took a trip to Home Depot and picked out a new succulent to plant. While there, she also decided to try something new and got a beautiful, colorful cactus, but watch out, it's sharp! Dianne also wants to try growing some herbs, such as basil, oregano, and cilantro. She says once they grow, she would like to make some yummy food with them. Dianne is excited for spring to finally come so she can plant some flowers in the yard and try to grow some veggies!

Positivity in the New Year

Leona Carney, Lead Direct Support Professional
Keene, NH
Robert Maca made his weekly journey to Market Basket this week. It was the Friday before New Year's, and the store was bustling with shoppers. Most were clearly in a hurry and a little frazzled by the holiday grind. Not Robert, though. He approaches every errand in the community as an opportunity to positively connect with everyone he sees. With greetings of "God bless," "Happy holidays," and "Have a nice day," he carefully walked around the store gathering his preferred brands of food. And if there happened to be a lady in front of him trying to get by, he would stop and declare, "Ladies FIRST!" While this sometimes adds quite a bit of extra time to the trip, Robert doesn't mind. It's important for him to always be a gentleman, he explained. Once he gathered his specific food choices; Wonder Bread, Skippy Peanut Butter, and Entenmann's Chocolate frosted donuts (a necessity as far as Robert is concerned), he headed for the long lines at the registers. All the while continuing to positively engage with everyone and certainly leaving the store a happier place than when he arrived.

An Evening (or 5?!) at the Mariners!

Sarah King, Director of Residential Services
Westbrook, ME

Jimmy is an avid sports fan. For many years, he has enjoyed going to local high school basketball, soccer, and football games and supporting the kids. He himself is a dedicated Special Olympics athlete and supporter. Recently Jimmy’s family arranged for him to have a flex pass for the Maine Mariners! Jimmy’s flex pass gets him ten tickets to the Mariners for any dates all season. He attended his first game just before Christmas. Jimmy filled me in after the game, and sadly, it wasn’t a win for the home team. The next game he attended was a big win, 4-0, and he said it was a “good game!”. Jimmy already has plans to go to another game, Maine Mariners vs Reading Royals, in a couple of weeks. His goal is to use up all of the flex pass tickets before the season is out and to see as many wins as possible. Maybe Jimmy will be the Maine Mariners new good luck charm! We can't wait to attend more games with him. What a great way to get out and have fun during these long winter months!

December Fun

Kristin Lemire, Program Manager
Londonderry, NH

One of Larry’s favorite months is December. He doesn’t like the cold or the snow, but he loves to drive around at night and look at all of the Christmas lights. He often asks to go out to look at the lights and enjoys sharing what he sees with others.

Larry gets excited when it’s time to put up the Christmas tree and decorations at his house too. He has a white Christmas tree that he enjoys plugging in every day so he can see it light up. Larry really wanted a ceramic tree for his room this year and he got one! He likes to show everyone his new tree.

Another reason that Larry likes December is because it is his birth month! He celebrated his birthday by enjoying Chinese food and a delicious chocolate cake.

Anne Turns 75!

Laurie Truehart, Program Manager
Keene, NH

Anne celebrated her 75th birthday this year! It was a beautiful sunny but cold day. We all gathered for a birthday party with cake, refreshments, and conversation. Anne especially enjoyed eating her chocolate cake after we sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She wore a special pink birthday shirt that Nina (DSP) had made from some stickers she had picked up. The birthday celebration was enjoyed by all that attended.

Football Fan

Earl Cookson, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

Nick became part of the Residential Resources family last September. As soon as he moved in, he immediately became one of the guys. His roommates are a perfect match! They enjoy joking around, watching sports, and spending time together.

Nick is a big football fan. He loves watching football or shows about football whenever he can. He would rather watch football than go out to his favorite restaurant! As a true Mainer, Nick loves the Patriots and follows them constantly, even liking them when the team is struggling. "It's ok," he reasons, "they have done better before and will do better next year." Nick even named his dog Brady after his favorite player, Tom Brady.

In addition to his love of football, Nick also loves music. Jamming out to Rock 'n Roll oldies with his friends is one of Nick's favorite activities. He also likes playing music in the car and perusing music for sale at Bull Moose. Nick often sits listening to music enjoying the rhythm and harmony as he watches the neighborhood from his window.

Nick cannot wait for the summer to have a BBQ with his roommates and invite his friends. He loves BBQs and spending time with his friends. He is also excited to begin swimming lessons!

We are glad that Nick chose to come live at Kennebago. He is a perfect fit. We all love his company, jokes, and fun-loving personality. Nick is adventurous and we cannot wait to see what adventures he will lead us to.

What is SEMP?

Danyell Swain, Fiscal Intermediary Coordinator
Plattsburgh, NY

Supported Employment (SEMP) services provide supports for individuals with developmental disabilities to obtain and maintain competitive employment. When asked how she feels about her SEMP services with Residential Resources, Pamela Garrant was happy to explain all the accomplishments she has achieved. It is very easy for Pamela to list many positives about these services, but she felt some are very important to her.

With SEMP services, she is able to be successful at her job, and she is very grateful for the support she has received over the years. Pamela currently works for SUNY Plattsburgh where she has been employed for many years as a utility worker. She has recently received a 10-year appreciation award from her job. Pamela believes SEMP services are a big reason she has maintained her employment for so long.

Pamela explains that Star, her SEMP staff, assists her with maintaining her schedule and arriving on time, encouraging her not to call in for shifts when it’s not necessary. Star also assists with developing positive communication by organizing meetings and explaining what the job entails while helping the employer understand Pamlea’s needs. Star assists Pamela with time management by encouraging her to utilize her phone to set reminders for clocking in and out of work. Star helps with transportation needs by helping Pamela utilize an Uber or other means of transportation.

Due to the great SEMP services Pamela receives, she feels more independent in her day-to-day activities. She can independently pay bills, enjoy activities within the community, purchase items, and live independently on her own. She hopes she can one day work completely independently but until then, she is very happy to have the opportunity to continue working with Star. Pam wants to give a big shout out to Star Rabideau, who has been working with her for seven years and always goes above and beyond to ensure she gets the most from her services.

SEMP services can benefit those wishing to obtain and maintain employment. If you feel this service may benefit you, mention it to your circle of support and see what options are available.

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Amanda O’Kusky, Fiscal Intermediary Supervisor
Plattsburgh, NY

Individuals have the right to define their gender identity and sexual orientation. Individuals can identify with a range of different gender identities and sexual orientations. Rights regarding gender identity and sexual orientation must be respected...
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