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February 2024

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Making a Difference

Jennifer Desrocher, FI Coordinator
Plattsburgh, NY
As we begin another season of community involvement and personal growth, I am delighted to share an inspiring story of a young man who has been making a difference at a local food co-op. Darren is a dedicated young man with a passion for volunteering. Over the past few years, he has been devoting his spare time to volunteering at the North Country Food Co-Op, and his impact has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Darren’s commitment and enthusiasm to volunteer at the co-op are evident because he shows up every week ready to help in any way that he can. Whether dusting, sweeping, printing labels for products, or interacting with others, Darren has proven himself an invaluable asset to the co-op.

His dedication to the co-op serves as a shining example for young people in our community, reminding them that a single individual has the power to make a difference.

Horseback Riding

Alida Nsabimana, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME
Sarah returns to horseback riding. Years ago, Sarah fell while riding a horse. It was traumatic and led her to take some time away from riding, but Sarah's passion for riding didn’t die! Recently, Sarah visited one of the top Therapeutic Riding Centers in our area for an assessment. Oh boy! She enjoyed it so much and realized that she really missed riding. Her passion for riding has been reignited! Sarah can’t wait for the process to be completed so she can return to riding.

Sarah is constantly trying new things and developing new passions. Last year, Sarah joined the Residential Resources team on a fishing trip off the coast of New Hampshire. She loved it so much that she often mentions it as her highlight for the best thing that happened to her in 2023!

When Sarah is not outdoors doing her favorite activities, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend at home, playing games on her tablet, and doing crafts.

Lunch with Mom

Mark Greenstone, Program Manager
Keene, NH

David enjoys visiting his mother each week, usually on Thursday afternoons. He prefers to visit in person, so this weekly visit is perfect for both of them! They often eat pizza for lunch, or sometimes David will bring a different meal for lunch to share with his mom. As they eat, they also enjoy conversations to check in about the week. David also loves to joke with his mom most of the time! David really enjoys his time with his mom and looks forward to it every week.

Apple Pie

Judith Belrose, Quality Improvement/Incident Mgmt Coordinator
Plattsburgh, NY

Morris Dubrey recently attended a pie-baking class at Chazy Orchards. He brought along his rolling pin and worked hard on his apple pie. Morris said it came out “awesome and good!' His mom agreed that it was the perfect pie. During the class, students assembled the pies to bake at home after the class. Morris said he baked his pie to share during the Super Bowl. It was a great treat for the game festivities!

Morris enjoys spending time in the kitchen, and along with pies, he bakes cookies and other desserts. He also makes a great taco salad and burgers. Today after bowling, Morris is going to create a special pineapple upside-down cake for his aunt, who is so good to him. Great job, Morris!

Sunshine and Smiles

Lisa Pimpare, Program Manager
Westbrook, ME

Michelle is a joy to be around; she is always smiling and telling jokes to make others laugh and smile. She loves going out with her family and friends and enjoys pedicures, parties, eating shrimp, and dining out each week with her mom and family.

She had a fun year in 2023 and went on the Residential Resources annual fishing trip for the first time. Wayne King, one of our nurses, was there to help her take all the fish she caught off her line! She loved this outing and looks forward to going again.

Michelle also rescued a kitty last year! After taking the cat to the vet for a full checkup, she named him Mr. Lillian. Michelle enjoys spending time with him snuggled on her lap. Mr. Lillian seems to like it too!

From Shy to Shine: Stacey's Inspirational Journey on the Slopes

Priyanka Sharma, Home Care Provider
Londonderry, NH

In our busy world, some people quietly stand out amidst all the noise. Stacey is one of those remarkable individuals. She might seem calm on the surface, but underneath, she's courageous and determined. Her smile lights up the room and brings joy to everyone around her.

Despite her shyness, Stacey has a special gift – she can lift people's spirits just by being herself. This positive energy has made her beloved in her community and touched many lives.

But there's more to Stacey than just her friendly demeanor. She's also a fierce competitor. She took on the challenge of skiing black diamond runs at the Special Olympics SKI Winter Games, showing everyone what she's made of.

You can find Stacey at Gunstock Mountain, practicing hard with her coach every Sunday. Her dedication and persistence speak volumes about her character. And when it's time to compete, Stacey shines brightly among her peers. She loves being part of the Special Olympics community, where she can bond with others and enjoy the thrill of competition together.

Pretty in Pink

Madison Levesque, Program Manager
Londonderry, NH

Can you guess Sherrie's favorite color? That’s right, it’s pink! Sherrie is a wonderful lady with a great sense of humor who wants pink showcased in every aspect of her life. She is always showing off her pink wheelchair that she got this past year and likes to talk about it with whoever compliments it. Sherrie is usually accompanied by her pink dolls and pink accessories, such as her pink purse, pink headbands, and pink dresses. Anytime Sherrie sees something pink, she must have it! She is the real life pretty in pink!


Rhonda Nubuor, Program Manager
Keene, NH

Becky is busy living her best life. In January, you may have seen the news that she baked and delivered cookies to her local police department to express her gratitude for the work they do. But January wasn’t all work and no play for Becky! She also went to the Colonial Theater in Keene to see Recycled Percussion. Recycled Percussion is a well-known band all around the globe, but they started here in New Hampshire! Becky attended the show with her guardian, Deb, and her friend, Giselle. Becky especially enjoyed all the lights and the dancing from the performers on stage. She had a fantastic time!
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