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Justina Patrick, CI Manager
Keene, NH

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Taking Control

Brittany Bracy, FI Coordinator
Plattsburgh, NY
Would you know what to do if faced with danger and needed to defend yourself? Do you feel safe and in control of your life? If you answered no, then now is the time to take control and learn the tools needed to help protect yourself from harm. You will take control of your life and let it be known that no one can take advantage of you. This is exactly what Katelynn Belair is doing. She recently shared with me that she has taken an
exciting opportunity to learn self-defense skills through classes offered at Villari’s in Plattsburgh, NY. Katelynn attends these self-defense classes once a month to learn various self-defense techniques to help protect herself against someone in the face of danger. These classes help her to feel safer in any situation. Some of the techniques that Katelynn has learned are how to avoid being choked, how to be more aware of her surroundings, how to avoid being bullied, and how to be safe in parking lots. Katelynn looks forward to learning and practicing these new self-defense techniques at each class with others while knowing that she is in a safe environment.

Having knowledge to protect herself when placed in a dangerous situation has given Katelynn a sense of safety and strength. She now feels calm and more confident. When I think of self-defense, I also think of confidence and empowerment. There are several other benefits one can achieve from learning self-defense including improving your quality of life, teaching self-respect, building a stronger instinct, improving body balance and agility, and developing social skills. Now, I encourage you to stand up and take control.

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A Halloween Get Together

Josie Dupouy, Program Manager
Londonderry, NH

On 10/25, Fremont Road was buzzing with activity. They had invited their friends from Lawrence Road and Hampshire Drive over for a Halloween-themed dinner. The attendees were welcome to wear a costume if they wanted. Tony and Annaliza made dumplings, rice, steamed veggies, and a salad for everyone to enjoy. Tables were moved around so everyone was able to fit into the dining room together. Halloween decorations were placed around the house with care. Before dinner pictures were taken to document the fun night. After everyone ate and had seconds, they had some chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Everyone enjoyed spending time sitting around and catching up with one another. Before leaving the guests were given little boxes of Halloween candy to take home with them.

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Sharon Cleary, QA Specialist
Keene, NH

This year was no exception, Kevin was joking around but this year he was joking about his 99th birthday coming up. On October 4th, he actually turned 65. He was joined by friends from Residential Resources, New Hope, and Southwestern Community Services to celebrate his birthday.

As usual, he enjoyed joking with everyone about how old they were and what each person was going to be doing that night, what they were having for dinner, etc. He received many nice cards and gifts. He loved the dog stickers and the socks with pizza slices and popcorn on them. He also loved the balloons.

After this celebration, Kevin went to Cheshire Village Pizza (CVP) where he goes most afternoons, and the staff there celebrated his birthday as well. They gave him a CVP tee shirt, a supervisor’s badge with his name on it, more balloons, and a delicious chocolate cake. Now he is looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Halloween in Salem, MA

Cathy Colby-Pearson, Home Care Provider
Londonderry, NH

We were up at dawn to travel to Salem, MA. First stop Red’s Sandwich shop for breakfast. No lines, no waiting at 7:15AM. I had pancakes and bacon. The pancakes were worth the early morning drive. After breakfast we walked through Salem and the Halloween lovers were already out. We saw witches, ghouls, and ghosts.

We walked through a forest of blue trees on our way to pay our respects to the innocent men and women who were executed during the Salem Witch Trials. There are twenty benches in the witch trial memorial, one for each victim. Nineteen were hanged and one was pressed to death. We left flowers on Susannah North Martin’s bench as she is my home care provider’s 9th great grandmother.

We did a little shopping. We visited a store that sold polished stones in many shapes and sizes. I liked the giant amethyst sphere but $800 was too much for me! I got to try chocolate covered bacon at the candy shop. We also visited the trolley shop. I liked seeing all the black cat prints, ornaments, and t-shirts.

I stopped for a tea break and sat outside watching the costumed people go by. After a rest, I continued my walk and had my picture taken with the Addams family and a blue fairy. We visited the pet store because Luke the dog’s birthday was the next day. We got him an orange bandana that said Salem in big black letters.

After much walking we took a ride to Marblehead, MA. We stopped at a coffee shop and had a drink. We then continued to the Old Burial Hill Cemetery. It was one of the locations used in the movie Hocus Pocus. There are many Revolutionary War soldiers buried there. It has a beautiful view of the ocean. We hope to return soon and have a picnic at the nearby park.

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Maggie Kelleher, Home Care Provider
Keene, NH

John spent the day at the apple orchard with his home provider and other family members. He looks pretty spiffy, and very happy about being there! They picked apples, took a hayride, had some cider, did some people watching, and checked out all of the pumpkins. What a great way to spend an early fall day!
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Expression of Thanks

Kristen Petersen, Director of Shared Living
Westbrook, ME

Have you had the opportunity to visit our Residential Resources office in Maine? If you have, you have likely seen some beautiful signs made from driftwood and fancy writing. I had noticed that signs, with the names of various staff in the office, had been appearing, but I was not sure where they were coming from, or if I would be the recipient of one. Recently, I asked one of the managers about them and I was told that one of our Direct Support Professionals had made them with one of our individuals who receives support. I put in a request for one of the signs a month or so ago, not expecting to get one because we had never met. The nature of my work for the company has me working outside of the office most of the time, but when I was in the office last, I was pleasantly surprised to see a sign with my name on it on my desk. I did have a chance to thank Maureen in person. Despite the opportunity to extend my thanks in person, I wanted to take this opportunity to write a formal expression of my thanks to her as well. I know that there are great things happening in our homes every day, and that the individuals we support are surrounded by creative and hard-working people, but I did not even begin to think about what receiving this gift would mean to me. I appreciate this, and the creativity that is being shared with the individuals we support. Thank you, Maureen, you are a true example of our guiding principles with your creativity!
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Keeping the Holidays Safe and Stress-Free

Wayne King, Nurse Trainer
Westbrook, ME

As the holidays rapidly approach, consider these tips to help avoid stress and keep everything in perspective.

If traveling for the holidays this season, get tested for Covid infection 1-3 days before your trip. Test again 3-5 days after returning. Update your vaccinations as far in advance as possible. Hopefully, others that you share time with will do the same. Be considerate of those who are at higher risk and wear a mask when appropriate as you continue to practice social distancing. In addition to the Covid virus, many other organisms are in circulation right now including Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and influenza. The flu began early this year and appears to be hitting hard.

Consider virtual celebrations as an alternative when friends and family can’t gather safely. Online shopping and curbside pickups offer the advantage of avoiding exposure to large crowds. Helping others in need is one of the best gifts anyone could give or receive. Stick to a budget and consider hand-made gifts, donations in others’ names or creative solutions to lower the demands on yourself.

Keep in mind that some folks can associate holidays with negative past experiences or may not welcome the change and disruption that these celebrations bring. Shopping, baking, and preparing for festivities add to the chaos many of have become used to or actually enjoy. Others may experience anxiety.

Some stress is inevitable. Acknowledge your feelings and lower unrealistic expectations which could lead to disappointment. Set aside differences with family and friends in the real spirit of the holidays you celebrate. Avoid sensitive or controversial topics at the dinner table and remember the point of being together. Let the feasting and merrymaking begin!
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