Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Our Participants

The people who are truly at the heart of Residential Resources’ organization are the men and women we have served for over 25 years.  Some were born with challenging developmental disabilities while others sustained life changing injuries in the prime of their lives.  Whatever their level of disability, they all share a desire to live normal, meaningful lives, engaged in their communities to the fullest extent possible.  We are ever inspired by the stories of our participants doing just that.

In communities all over New Hampshire, Maine and New York, Residential Resources’ participants are working, playing, and living, just as we all are.  They are facing the myriad choices and challenges of life that confront everyone.  As with every normal life, the days are full of victories and setbacks.  At each step of their independent life, we are there to advocate, mentor and support their efforts to increase that independence.

We hope the next time you are in your community you have the special opportunity to meet one of our participants and have your own life enhanced by sharing in their story.  We are proud and thankful to be part of their lives, part of their challenges and part of their support systems.