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A Love For Music

Sarah Moore, Plattsburgh, NY

For years, Heath has had a passion for music.  He has a remarkable talent of writing and composing music through a mixture of his own creativity and borrowed material from famous artists, such as Coldplay.  Heath is lucky enough to own his own software and equipment that allows him to record his songs onto CDs.  It is his dream that he himself will be discovered and become a famous music artist.

Heath began using music as a means to express his feelings.  Some songs have a very powerful message and emotional connection to his soul.  With the help of HCSS staff, Heath has been able to do what he loves most and create more music.  Through community connections, Heath was fortunate enough to link with a local recording studio to help him fulfill his dream.  The owner of the local recording studio just so happens to be a Residential Resources team member.  Heath and the services he receives through Residential Resources is a positive example of the benefits of teamwork.