Residential Resources, Inc. (RRI) services are designed to empower individuals to participate to the greatest extent possible as fully integrated members of their community. Services are customized and delivered with the aim of maximizing independence and contributing to the competence and happiness of the individual who receives them.

All services are administered in accordance with the principles of clients’ rights, confidentiality, and the need for personal privacy, dignity, and freedom of choice.

We offer the following services:


RRI teaches individuals how to enhance the functional skills they need to maximize their potential. Areas of instruction include:

  • Personal care
  • Social skills
  • Communication skills
  • Vocational skills
  • Household routines
  • Money Management
  • Getting to and from home


RRI provides support services to assure that the achievement of goals is not entirely contingent on an individual’s skill level nor on his/her complete understanding of the need for that skill.

Supports include:

  • Non-aversive behavioral interventions
  • Transportation to and from activities
  • Assistance in making and keeping medical appointments
  • Ensuring an environment that is safe, stable, and presents a positive image to the community


We customize therapy programs to meet the individual’s need for utilizing movement, improving muscular integrity, and realizing maximum mobility.


Our staff have been trained by Physical, Occupational, Speech and Cognitive Therapy professionals to provide extended therapies in the home. We customize our therapeutic programs to meet the individual’s needs.

Community Liason

RRI firmly believes that the participation of the community is very important to achieving our goal of an individual’s real integration into community life. To this end, RRI works to establish and strengthen links with neighbors, friends, relatives, and other community members. We provide encouragement and training to prepare individuals for community activities; assist individuals in getting to and from activities; and help ensure living environments which are safe, stable, and present a positive image to the community.

Clinical Consultation

RRI offers a high-level of clinical expertise in a range of areas. These consulting professionals, available to the individual and the persons working to support him/her, include:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Behavioral Support Instructors
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Instructors
  • Clinical Social Workers
  • Certified Brain Injury Specialists

We also have on staff a Family Systems Trainer who trains staff on how to work closely and effectively with families. Our Brain Injury Specialists also provide training and certification to staff so that they can deliver a wide array of services required in brain injury rehabilitation.

24/7 Support

RRI offers quick response to emergencies and other contingencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Schools and Organizations

We have worked with local school systems to provide supports for young adults (18-21) involved in the school system. These services include transition to adult types of skill development, including community integration, vocational supports, and daily living and independence skills.