Tuesday, October 3, 2023

ME Services

Group Living
Residential Resources can provide 24/7 support for those people and families who desire or require it.  This service is typically provided in a community setting, often with other housemates.  The person served, along with involved family and other service providers, will determine the type of supports and services that would best meet the needs identified in the Person Centered Plan.
Residential Resources can provide 24 hour/7 days per week support to people who would benefit from a highly supported and structured living environment.  The person and their family will work together with other professional service providers to determine what type of supports and services would be the most helpful.

Intermittent Home Support
When independent or family living is preferable, we can provide personal support and assistance to people within their current family home or apartment.  These services and schedule are identified through our collaborative Person Centered Plan process.
When a person does not require a high number of staffing hours, Residential Resources can provide supports on an intermittent basis.  These services are designed to enhance the person’s independence and are uniquely provided to meet their needs as identified in their Person Centered Plan.

Shared Living
This unique service design matches families who wish to open their homes, with people who are in need of caring and professional services.  We match families with our people based on a sense of shared values and interests, to create a family-integrated, mutual living experience.
This unique service design matches qualified and compassionate home providers with people seeking to live a more family-integrated lifestyle.  We seek to match families with people based on a sense of shared values and interests.  Our providers are well qualified and dedicated to support people meet personal goals and achievements.