NH Services

Staffed Programs

Residential Resources has the ability to provide 24 hour staffed-supports to 1-3 people in a home setting. The services provided in these types of programs solely depends on the circumstances of the people supported in that home. Many of the individuals may need some form of assistance and guidance in decision making. Others may need support with daily living skills, impulse control, severe medical concerns or other potentially difficult circumstances.  These support needs will be highlighted in a Service Plan as agreed up by the person’s family and service team.

Shared Living

This unique service design matches qualified and compassionate home providers with people seeking to live a more family-integrated lifestyle.  We seek to match families with people based on a sense of shared values and interests.  Our providers are well qualified and dedicated to support people meet personal goals and achievements.

Community Support Services

Residential Resources has long supported people living in their own homes in their own community. The service may be selected by people who only require a low level of assistance to achieve their maximum independence. These supports are provided in the person’s home and community. These services may be provided on a daily or weekly basis in the following areas: personal discussion and support, money management, community integration, transportation, shopping assistance, medical monitoring, diet and menu planning, vacation planning and any other assistance pertaining to daily life in the community.

Self-Directed Services

People (or involved family) receiving services in the NH developmental service system are now able to manage and design what services they wish to receive.  This opportunity is also open to families that are interested in becoming more responsible for the day to day operation of the service.  Not only does the person (or family) maintain responsibility for directing the actual service, they are also responsible for managing the budget.  This service is not for everyone and should be thoroughly discussed during the annual planning meeting.

Community Participation Services (CPS)

Residential Resources provides a wide range of Community Participation Services (CPS) that focus on meeting the needs of the person served. There are opportunities for community integration, functional communication, social skills and vocational skill building. A typical day service may consist of 1:1 staffing, typically providing services directly out of the person’s home. We are also able to provide CPS to groups of people. These staffing ratios are often one staff to two persons served; it can be different depending on each person’s needs.