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March 2023

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Jumping into Something New

Cheyenne Bentley, Program Manager
Keene, NH

Starting anything new can be a scary experience, especially later in life. Anne took a new experience and jumped right in, literally. Anne recently started attending a gymnastics class once a week at the American School of Gymnastics, and each week she becomes more and more comfortable. Anne has a love for the trampoline, it seems to be her favorite spot in the gym. She loves holding a supportive hand while she jumps, and she even jumps by herself sometimes. Anne typically heads right to the trampoline as soon as she gets through the building doors, however, her love of the trampoline does not stop Anne from trying out new activities as well.

Each week, Anne is encouraged to reach a little out of her comfort zone to try something different. Anne now enjoys walking back and forth between the bars and walking on the balance beam. There are so many more activities she has tried and enjoyed and many more to come.

Part of the Team

Autumn Donnelly, FI Accounting Specialist
Plattsburgh, NY

From spectator to roster, Adam has made a lasting impression on the Beekmantown High School hockey team. Adam has been a lover of the game of hockey for some time - he first found his love of hockey when his nephew started to play. He would watch from the stands, leaning against the glass to cheer on the team. Over time the team began knocking on the glass to show Adam their appreciation. This soon turned into a ritual; every goal, every win, the team would include Adam in the celebration.

Approaching this past holiday season, the coach of the Beekmantown boy’s hockey team invited Adam into their locker room and to join them on the bench. This quickly led to Adam becoming a full member of the team, making the roster as the team’s Equipment Manager.

Adam truly became a part of this team. He rode the team bus to an away game in Rochester and is invited to team gatherings. The whole team even attended his birthday party! To top off the amazing hockey season, Adam was able to support them in attending the state championships in NYC!

Adam, along with the team, made our local news for winning their sectional championship. The link can be found here. Although they didn’t win states, they won in so many other ways!

Super Bowl Sunday

Kristin Lemire, Program Manager
Londonderry, NH

Michael has a love for sports. He is a fan of football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. On Super Bowl Sunday, he didn’t skip a beat. He dressed up in his Patriots clothes and went to his sister’s house to watch the game with a few other family members.

During game time, Michael ate some chicken fingers and nachos, and danced to the music at half time. He seemed to like the Rihanna performance. Though Michael is a fan of the Patriots he still seemed to enjoy rooting for the Chiefs and the Eagles.

It’s unclear what team he favored but he clapped and danced with excitement throughout the nail-biting game. Now that the football season is over Michael has been watching soccer and is hoping to go see a Fisher Cats game during the summer.

No Stopping Sarah!!

Sarah King, Associate Director
Westbrook, ME

When I sat down with Sarah Libby to let her know she was going to be featured in the newsletter I asked her what she would want written about her, or what she would want people to know. Sarah is very humble so I pressed on and finally she said, “I guess how strong I am and how I can do everything myself even being in my chair”. I couldn’t have agreed more!

Sarah has taken total control over her own mobility and has overcome the obstacles she faces that challenge her independence. It’s important to Sarah to raise awareness about Spina Bifida, and also for the community to know that no matter what challenges someone may be faced with they can always work hard, learn new skills, and overcome anything.
Sarah is looking forward to starting horseback riding again soon, something she enjoyed doing in the past, and this summer she will be hitting our local wheelchair accessible beaches.

Sarah and I thought we could share some information with you!

For those wanting to learn more about living with Spina Bifida:

For those interested in accessible beaches in Maine:


Sarah Heath, Program Manager
Keene, NH

Twice a month Robert Maca can be seen making his way to the Wonder Casino in Keene. Robert goes monthly without fail. He looks forward to his time in the gambling wonderland and is always dressed in his Hawaiian shirt and a big smile.

It is a great social time for Robert, everyone knows him and welcomes him by name. Robert would like to take his gambling just a bit further and bet on sports games, but he can’t find anyone that is willing to bet against his team, the NY Yankees.

A Warm Smile

Josh Grant, Self-Directed Services Coordinator
Westbrook, ME
In Gorham there lives a loving, sweet, kindhearted, gentle soul who loves to spend time with his family. This man is the one and only Ryan Christensen. Ryan has been a part of our RRI family since 2017 and the company and community has been made brighter ever since.

One of Ryan’s favorite things to do is to sit at the table and play with his games and puzzles. He absolutely loves to organize his special bowls in anyway his imagination allows. Ryan also loves to visit with animals. He enjoys going to the Animal Refuge League and looking at the cats, dogs, and rabbits they have there.

Ryan also happens to be a massive food lover. He will eat just about anything and has no problem eating as many slices of pizza as possible.
Ryan truly is a one-of-a-kind guy and can brighten even the darkest of days with his warm smile.

Valentines Day with Lorieann

Derek Labbe, DSP
Londonderry, NH

Lorieann went on an adventure to the Valentine’s Day Dance at Saint Anselm College. St. Anselm College students have been putting on a Valentines Day party that is open to the public for over 30 years.

In Valentine’s Day fashion, Lorieann selected a red floral blouse and matching cardigan with her rose gold glasses. At the event, there was a hum of love songs playing in the background. Lorieann visited the snack table where they had pizza, soda, and sugar cookies in the shape of hearts with pink sprinkles. During lunch, Lorieann met another Loriann and they talked about their shared name and how they came to be. Soon, friends arrived from Salem, and they discussed which snacks were the best that day.

After lunch, Lorieann chose to participate in the crafts. There were many stations to choose from. She made some heart glasses that she bedazzled with gold jewels and a matching heart necklace. Next, she made a heart shaped sign for her door. She drew a butterfly and a bumblebee to ring in the season soon to come. Lorieann visited the photo booth where she smiled with pure joy and has the polaroids to remember the day.

First Time Trip to New York City

Priyanka Sharma, Home Care Provider
Londonderry, NH

I am thrilled to share with you the inspiring story of Stacey, who recently took a road trip to New York City with her home care providers. This journey proves that with the right support and determination, anything is possible.

The trip to New York City was a significant milestone for her, Stacey is known for her independence and tenacity. She was excited to explore the city, try new foods, and take lots of selfies and videos. From the moment she arrived, she was eager to take in all the sights and sounds of the city.

One of the highlights of her trip was cruising around the city in the subway. She was fascinated by the hustle and bustle of the city and the endless stream of people going about their daily lives. She enjoyed watching street performers and listening to musicians on the subway platform.

Despite being in a new and unfamiliar environment, her spirit of adventure remained unbroken. She walked around the city, taking in the stunning architecture and vibrant energy of the city that never sleeps. She was captivated by the city's famous landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, Times Square, and The Vessels. 

Food was another significant part of her trip. Stacey enjoyed trying various cuisines and savored everything from hot dogs on the street to gourmet pizza in a fancy restaurant. She tried dishes from all over the world and found joy in every meal.

Throughout the trip, her home care providers were by her side, providing her with the support she needed to navigate the city. They worked together to make sure she was safe and comfortable at all times. With their assistance, she was able to enjoy the trip to the fullest and create memories that will last a lifetime.

In conclusion, the journey to New York City is a testament to the power of determination and support. Stacey proved that nothing could hold her back from experiencing life to the fullest. We hope her story inspires others to embrace their unique abilities and chase their dreams, no matter how big or small.
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